Assembly Capabilities

Assembly Capabilities

Thai Summit provides modular production with just-in-time delivery. Our capabilities feature virtually all of the operations our customers may require under a single roof at world class quality levels and often at significant cost savings. We furnish highly-labor intensive subassemblies and sophisticated automated assemblies in a variety of materials.

Our capabilities include robotic welding (laser, spot, projection, arc), material handling, roll hemming, piercing, clinching and riveting. Thai Summit is constantly looking for new and better ways to enhance the service it provides to its customers. We have invested in 3-D white light scanning and remote laser welding to keep us at the leading edge of manufacturing processes.

As a Tier-1 supplier to many of the largest global OEM’s, Thai Summit delivers proven world-class technology and manufacturing processes to every customer we serve. By practicing Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) methods we are able to maximize the amount of up-time of our assembly equipment saving both time and expense.

Laser Welding

Thai Summit was the first supplier in North America to laser weld galvanized steel. Using a proprietary process, we are able to consistently laser weld galvanized steel, meeting high customer quality standards. We currently have 5 remote laser welding stations. The following are just a few of the benefits of using laser welding:

  • Cycle time of 0.5 sec/weld
  • Saves tooling setup and investment costs
  • Does not distort surface

Modular Assembly Cells

Modular assembly cells offer maximum flexibility to meet our customers’ needs. Some benefits of modular cells are:

  • Unique lines dedicated to each product
  • Cells can be moved to accommodate changes in customer needs
  • Automatic unloading of parts

Just-In-Time Delivery

In today’s manufacturing system “too soon” is as bad as “too late”. Our performance must be just-in-time to make the perfect impression on our customers. Thai Summit uses Just-In-Time delivery methods to reduce overhead and lower inventory carrying costs.


The assembly department works in conjunction with the quality department to ensure part quality. We test each batch of parts for dimensional accuracy and weld integrity. The equipment used to verify quality include 3-D White Light, Checking Fixtures, CMM (50 ton capacity), Bushings and Datamytes.

Warehousing and Shipping

When a part or assembly leaves the line, it is as close to perfect as is technically possible. But the job doesn’t end there. It must arrive at our customer’s facility in the same condition. Thai Summit uses sophisticated systems and material handling equipment (Automatic Guided Cart) to ensure we fulfill our task. Unique shipping racks are used for each product. Our shipping process follows a first in first out (FIFO) method to ensure high product quality.

Our building maintains over 45,000 square feet dedicated to shipping. With 22 truck docks we obtain uninterrupted shipping for our customers. Thai Summit offers full truck and rail services.