Thai Summit America continually pursues the most effective production methods derived from the latest technology. The use of innovative equipment and processes has been an important factor in our success. The following technologies are examples of new processes Thai Summit America Corporation has developed or is currently investigating:


Non-Contact Measurement Systems

Thai Summit America utilizes a non-contact white light 3D optical system for dimensional measurement. This system is faster than traditional CMM machines and provides complete surface data. Following the successful launch of the manual system, Thai Summit America fully automated the system for production use. This system is used for measuring point data for production part approval process (PPAP), virtual assembly, production parts and reverse engineering of parts. Thai Summit America currently uses one manual system and 2 robotic systems.

Development of Virtual Builds

Using white-light scanning on individual components Thai Summit America is able to conduct a virtual assembly prior to the actual assembling of panels during launch. This allows Thai Summit America to find critical concerns in the build allowing more reaction time for improvements.

Integration of Laser Welding in Production

Thai Summit America is the first supplier in North America to laser weld galvanized steel. Using a proprietary process, we are able to consistently laser weld galvanized steel, meeting high customer quality standards. The laser cost competitive welding process saves time over traditional methods.

Extra Deep Draw Dies for Aluminum

Thai Summit America co-developed a product for the heavy truck industry that required a draw die which exceeds 340mm in a single stroke. This process is currently being used in production.

Tailor-Welded Aluminum Stamping

Tailor-welded blanks and aluminum have become standard tools used by automakers to reduce weight and complexity of their products. Thai Summit America is aggressively pursuing the marriage of these two technologies to provide the best solutions, now and in the future, for our customers.

Electro-Magnetic Forming

This forming process uses a large magnetic force to accelerate conductive material into shape. Accurate and fast, electro-magnetic forming can be suitable for material with a high rate of spring-back, such as aluminum or high strength steels.

Die Floater Drawing Process

This is a die technology that allows more flexibility for product development without adding an additional die. By adding an additional action inside the die, Thai Summit America is able to reduce the amount of dies required to make stampings. This process is being used in production.

Secondary Processing of Superformed Panels

One of the advantages of the superforming process is the range of aluminum alloys that can be formed providing solutions to virtually any engineering problem. This alloy has high corrosion resistance combined with excellent post forming and welding properties. Thai Summit America has a large washing line to process aluminum that has been superformed.

Nano-Polymer Technologies

A chemically bonded organic nano-polymer layer significantly increases oil retention, increases surface hardness and reduces friction. The environmentally friendly FriCSo nano-polymer product creates an oil-retaining nano-layer which reduces wear and increases service life under extreme working conditions.

Roll Hemming Build Optimization

Thai Summit America has done extensive development to further optimize the process of roll hemming to improve dimensional quality and reduce surface defects. Roll hemming provides a cost effective option for low volume builds.