Tooling Capabilities

The key to achieving perfect parts is a high quality tool. Thai Summit can assist you with all your tooling needs from design to production. Our engineers use many software systems (AutoCAD, AutoForm, CATIA, IDEAS, ProE, SMIRT 8, TEBIS, Unigraphics) for simulation studies, design and manufacturing optimization. We also provide in house tooling services for not only our internal customers, but external customers as well. Our services are cost effective for enhanced product realization and value.

Tooling Services

The Tooling Service Division is a full service team dedicated to exceeding the quality and productivity expectations of our internal and external customers. Our SERVICES include the following:

  • Panel buy-off of customer surface and dimensional quality standards
  • Sheet metal blank reduction activities for added savings
  • Buy-off for tooling static and dynamic characteristics
  • Press line tryout and buy-off production panels
  • Engineering Change incorporation
  • Die spotting and adaptation
  • Die refurbishment
    • Punch finishing
    • Trim/pierce sharpen
    • Flange gap/timing
    • High pressure washing
    • Preventative maintenance
    • Scrap fall concerns
    • Automation and sensors

Tooling Buy-Off Needs

Our team of Skilled Trades Die Finishers and Machinists utilize the latest technology to provide complete customer satisfaction for all tooling buy-off needs. Some of the BENEFITS from using our tooling services include the following:

  • Reduce costs for home press downtime
  • Added value to product by bringing the tool to latest design levels
  • Reduced cost for expatriate expenses and travel time
  • Single sourcing for all tooling service requirements

Spotting Presses

  • Kojima 2000ton (1500mm x 500mm x 400mm, Double Action) Hydraulic Press with cushion pins (1 Unit)
  • Kojima 1000ton (4500mm x 2500mm, Single Action) Hydraulic Press with cushion pins (1 Unit)
  • Thai Summit 400ton (4000mm x 2500mm) Die Spotting Press (2 Units)
  • Access to 5 mechanical production press lines for tryout


  • Shin Nippon Koki - HF-5 CNC 3-axis Large Milling Machine (5300mm x 2500mm)
  • Machining Center 4XIF (1100mm x 522mm)
  • Radial Drilling Machine TRE 2000D
  • Pre / Post Heat Oven
  • Lathe / Surface Grinder, etc.