Engineering Capabilities

Thai Summit’s tooling and assembly engineers partner with customers in the design phase to shorten product development time. This Simultaneous Engineering process includes:

  • Prototype support
  • Evaluations and feasibility
  • Cross-functional team

With a single point of contact at Thai Summit we provide engineering change management, address feasibility issues, provide status reports, answer inquiries and provide tryout and buy-off production panels. The result is a collaborative effort designed to produce the perfect impression.

Simulation Studies

From feasibility to production there are many kinds of simulations studies that Thai Summit provides to our customers.

  • CAD binder development
  • Forming simulations
  • Metal formability
    • Wrinkling analysis
    • Thickness analysis
    • Thinning analysis
  • Die process development
  • Production simulations
  • Assembly simulations


At Thai Summit, we understand the value of pressing into new technologies to provide our customer base with more efficient and cost effective options. Our engineering staff plays a key role in developing new technologies internally, or in concert with customers and other suppliers. The use of innovative equipment has been an important factor in our success. Some of our research and development projects are described under Innovations.

Virtual assembly

Using white-light scanning on individual components Thai Summit is able to conduct a virtual assembly prior to the actual assembling of panels during launch. This allows Thai Summit to find critical concerns early in the launch process. Some advantages of this innovative approach include:

  • Less change loops required for improved implementation
  • More reaction time for improvements
  • Reduces time spent on root cause analysis

Manufacturing Optimization

Thai Summit provides services for our customers to optimize the entire manufacturing process from product feasibility through the end of life of the product.

  • Stamping die design and build
  • Blank optimization
  • Assembly tool design and build
  • Checking fixture design and build
  • Production improvements using lean manufacturing
  • Kaizen improvement integration

Production Plant Assists (Offloads)

Thai Summit is fully equipped to attend to all your emergency production needs. For both domestic and international applications we are best in class for quick turn around and value. A well experienced team with over 100 years combined experience in plant assists requiring quick production turnaround. In these emergency cases we can have offloaded dies delivered and in production in less than 24 hours.